Why You Sould Not Wait Until You Are Old To Get Lean

The term “old” is relative, but skin elasticity is not. If you are larger than you would like to be, my advice is to get lean ASAP.

When you are under the age of 40, your skin should have no problem snapping back to a smaller size once you lose weight. My buddy used to be 300 pounds and had a 50 inch waist. He is 40 years old. Luckily he got lean in time and has zero flabby skin. His wife went through a similar transformation.

Take this warning. If you wait too long and keep putting it off, there is a good chance that you will have lots of loose skin. If you are someone who is decently overweight and want to get coached on how to get lean, Tyler Bramlett is the guy I would recommend.


lean body couple

Tyler Bramlett has been a respectable expert in the fitness industry for years. He actually has no idea I’m writing this, just really proud of his accomplishments.

Those with massive amounts of muscle have different issues. As you age, your hormones won’t support large amounts of muscle. My advice is to begin trimming down a bit as you roll past 40. Don’t let yourself get weak, you can still lift heavy, but it is smart to tighten up and proactively become a bit more compact as you get older.

A man named Dolph is a good example of this. He’s 55 years old and has done well slimming down substantially from back in his Rocky 4 days. The older I get, the more I do my best to stay at a stable lean weight.

In my case, I could probably muscle up to 205 while staying at the same body fat level, but I aim for a dense 190-195. Again, my advice is to hit your target weight ASAP. The sooner the better.

Can Metabolic Prime Workouts Help You Lose Fat fast?

Losing pounds of body fat fast without spending excessive time exercising is a great accomplishment, and Dr. Jade Teta, integrative physician and personal trainer, aims to help you do that with his program, Metabolic Prime.

Note: In this Metabolic Prime Review you will discover relevant information about the program by Dr. Jade Teta to help you decide if this is a good investment for you.

What Is It?

Metabolic Prime is a fat loss workout for people who want to lose fat fast and build lean muscle. It shows you specific type of workout method that works to achieve fast fat loss easier and faster than other approaches you may know. The program is a complete system that has been created with the special strategies and exact plan used by Dr. Jade Teta’s clients to shed pounds of fat and get lean iwhile working just 15 minutes, 3 days per week.


Is The Workout Good?

There are very few genuine workout methods one can use to lose fat quickly and one of them is the strategy in the Metabolic Prime program. See, what most people don’t realize is that losing body fat really fast is not only possible but also very safe and can be done without devoting all your time to an exercise program. You just need to know what to do, and how to do it.

I do recommend the Metabolic Prime Workout, not only because the author Jade Teta is a highly respected expert, but the product is very good and the customer reports are showing that it works.

The pros outweigh the cons for this product. This guide provides a great way to get the fat loss results that you want in the fastest time possible. The guide inspires and educates. There are a tremendous amount of content, and users can customize the guide to fit their personal preferences.

Now at first I thought there was a possibility that it was an overhyped product but I got a much different feeling after seeing what it was all about and the customer reports. The program is very useful, and many of the principles are based on scientific research, and Dr. Teta’s very successful career in fitness.

Metobolic Prime Details

Metabolic Prime is a downloadable PDF guide but it also features other manuals and bonuses.

The guide provides detailed information on how to strategically diet and exercise to get a lean body as fast as possible. It covers a huge and varied number of topics ranging from caloric chifting and cheat meals to metabolism and hormones.

The program brings you up to speed with the basics and advance strategies of rapid fat loss and gives you everything you need to know about diet and exercise to drop body fat fast.


Even if you’re a total beginner and haven’t got a clue where to start your fat loss journey, you can start getting in shape soon after you get Metabolic Prime. The guide is recommended to anyone who’s result-oriented and time conscious when it comes to their fat loss success. However, in case that you feel that this guide doesn’t come up to its claims, you could always take advantage of the refund it offers.



Hot Drinks Are Often Real Sugar Bombs

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks at chains like Starbucks or Caffè Nero contain much more sugar than expected by the market. According to a study of the British organization Action on Sugar, which has tested 130 hot drinks of various brands.

The study came to the conclusion that 98 percent of surveyed drinks contain too much sugar. It is added that one third of the products examined at least as much sugar was found as in Coca-Cola.

The results of the study make of Graham McGregor, chairman of Action on Sugar clear that are added to food and drink irresponsibly large amounts of sugar. Nutritionist Kawther Hashem, who led the research, argues that the coffee chains should immediately normalize the amount of sugar in their hot drinks.

Insufficient Information

The largest amount of sugar – 25 teaspoons – was found in the ‘Venti Hot Mulled Fruits’ from Starbucks. That is almost three times more than a can of coke, which has nine teaspoons of sugar. Even in the warm chocolate Starbucks, fifteen spoons were found.

Other producers, however, were caught by high sugar concentrations. The Caramelatte Caffè Nero was found to contain 13 teaspoons.

The researchers emphasize that the chains not only add too much sugar to their drinks but also their customers are not sufficiently informed about the actual content of their products.